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Listen to Your Gut

I have been contemplating something quite serious lately. A few months ago I decided to change one of the character names in Winter Rayne. Kerry was originally Kate and she was fondly called Kay (like the letter K) by Rayne, Cyndi, and Derek. I changed her name out of fear that people would look for meanings behind the characters names. The meaning behind Kay’s name didn’t quite fit who she is. So I changed it to Kerry. Well this hasn’t sat right with me since I made the change. Kay fit in pretty well. I would dare to say she was perfect for the role. Changing her name was like changing one of my friend’s names after knowing them for so long. It was just awkward, and still is. So I have made a well thought out decision to change her name back. I know this may feel awkward for those of you who only met her as Kerry, but trust me when I say her keeping that name is the equivalent of killing off her character. She stopped emitting any sounds in my mind when I changed her name and now that I have changed her name back, she is just babbling away. So all I can say is goodbye Kerry whoever you were, and WELCOME BACK Kay!


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